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Pottery classes on request

Raku & the land of fire

Content of the session:

  1. Guided tour of the workshop and a description of the steps of making a ceramic object

  2. Demonstration of throwing on a potter's wheel

  3. History and explanation of the Raku firing technique

  4. Choice of 2 bisqued bowls (first firing) per participant

  5. Decoration of your bowls with our coloured glazes

  6. Firing and unloading of the pots

  7. Cleaning and sharing the results of your pots

  8. Participants leave with your own fired bowls


Duration: 3 hours (approx)

Number of participants: Minimum 4,  Maximum 10

Language FR / ANG

Price per participant 100.00 $ taxes included



Exploration of different throwing techniques, body and hand positions, sculptural approach, creative and production throwing.   


Number of participants:   Minimum 4 maximum 6

Session 10 hours (4 times 2.5 hours)

Duration 9h30 to 12h or 13h30 16h

Rate $ 200.00 per person  (a wheel per person)

Clay and bisque firing included.

Private session

Hourly rate $ 60.00 plus material


History and exploration of the different options and techniques when using paper clay.
Sculptural approach, models, installation.
Price and duration on request

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